vrijdag 15 juli 2011

flying away from the coldness

At the time you're reading this, I'm probably in the air flying to Indonesia. I'm so excited to go their, but a little scared. I have a little fly-fear, but that will be fine. I'm definitely gonna sleep during the flight and by the time we get their I will be just awake. I have planned some articles so you don't have to wait 2 months, before I get back. I hope that they will get online! Have a nice summer! 'xoxo ♥

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw! Dat klinkt echt super! Veel plezier & ik ben ook benieuwd naar de artikels ;d.

  2. Great! take care en enjoy it :)

    See you!

  3. wauw, ik ben jaloers.
    echt heel veel plezier! (:


thanks, you're a star! ♥